Who Are You Really Writing For?

Who Are You Really Writing For?

Part of effective copywriting is this: Decide who your audience is and write just for them.

If you’re writing horror stories online, your audience will generally be horror officienados – they may be Goths with barely the energy to get out of bed during the hours of daylight, but they are your audience. Be kind to them. Give them what they want.

If you’re writing technical stuff like research findings then you’ll probably know who you are writing for already and at what level to write. But that shouldn’t stop you sitting down, putting your ego aside and having a serious think about what people need out of your site.

Similarly, if you’re writing to sell a product then you need to know what your audience gets out of that product. How they use it as well as the type of people that use it. The benefits. It’s all in the benefits. And you can’t get a total handle on the benefits unless you know your audience. Are they young or old? Smart or stupid? Do they like technology or a good book?

Here’s another thing:

Web surfing is an active process. That means people are generally looking for something specific.
People generally use a search engine to find what they are looking for.
People use keywords to search. If you want a lot of people to visit your site, keywords are important.
When people get to your page, they generally skim read, looking for the kind of information they need.

Now, depending on your viewpoint these are either opportunities or obstacles. Your customers are out there, swimming around. You just have to catch them.

So sit down and have a think about who you are writing for. You might have an original idea for a website but unless you think about your audience it’s going to an empty motel along the information highway. Decide what they want and give it to them.

Who are THEY?
What do THEY want?
What do THEY feel?
Why do you want to write for THEM?
What do you want to write for THEM?
What will keep THEM coming back for more?
Top tip for copywriting: Don’t bore your audience with stuff they don’t want.

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