New Zealand Winter Holiday

New Zealand Winter Holiday

If you are preparing to take a vacation, traveling to New Zealand for a Southern Hemisphere winter holiday (May to August) is ideal for you and your family. Because of difference from many parts of the world, winter in New Zealand don’t lie under snow for months on end but very rarely sits anywhere for more than a few days at a time, even in the depths of winter despite being apart from the peaks of our Southern Alps, and the North Island’s small group of volcanoes – Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe.


New Zealand has a temperate climate – which means it doesn’t get excessively hot in summer (most of the time) and equally, doesn’t get incredibly cold in winter, despite the fact that it’s the last populated country en route to Antarctica.


The southernmost parts of the South Island can certainly feel the bite of southerly winds blowing up from the Ice, but overall, New Zealand is an easy place to spend a holiday – no matter what time of year it is.


Having said that, there are some key things to remember if you plan on having a wonderful winter holiday in New Zealand.


There may not be snow on the ground, but there will be plenty of rain, possibly hail from time to time, and occasional fog.
There will also be a high likelihood of frost, especially if you are anywhere from Lake Taupo south. The great thing about frosty days, is that almost without exception, they turn into a beautiful blue sky, sunny day once the icicles have thawed.
So pack warm clothes and head for the places you can really enjoy the best of winter outdoors – the snow fields and skating rinks.
Make sure your hire vehicle comes with chains if you are headed anywhere near the mountains – and make sure you know how to put them on the car or van.
Try to plan your driving so you are travelling during daylight hours – and remember it gets dark by about 5.30pm in mid-winter.

Skiers and Snowboarders Welcome

New Zealand is very well endowed with great ski areas – most of them in the South Island, including the largest ski area with the longest season in Australasia, Mt Hutt. In all, the province of Canterbury has 18 ski fields, if you include the commercial fields of Hutt, Porters Pass, Mt Lyford, Round Hill, Mt Dobson and Ohau, as well as a range of club fields and heli-skiing opportunities.


Further south, Queenstown and Wanaka are the dominant players, boasting Treble Cone and Cardrona at Wanaka, and Coronet Peak and the Remarkables in Queenstown.


Perhaps the most amazing thing about all of these ski fields is that they are at most a day’s drive from the furthest north, to the furthest south. So you have plenty of options within driving distance should one field be closed.


A great way to follow the best snow conditions and combine your transport and accommodation into one, is to hire a six berth campervan and get a group of your friends together for the trip. You can park at the bottom of the ski field road and take a shuttle up to the top, or with fields like Coronet that have fully sealed roads all the way up the mountain, you can easily drive your campervan up to the carpark, so it can act as your base for the day’s activities.


If you are hiring a campervan for your winter holiday, make sure you check out these winter driving tips from the New Zealand Automobile Association – and most importantly, remember that in New Zealand we drive on the left hand side of the road!


To buy ski passes and get all the information you need to plan your trip, visit for information and prices on ski areas throughout the South Island, gear hire packages and more.


Skiing and snowboarding are not the only fun winter activities to be had in the South Island – outdoor ice-skating is another option.


For the full winter wonderland experience, you really can’t beat the South Island’s Lake Tekapo mid winter. Not only do you have a great learners ski field at Round Hill, there’s the Southern Alps backdrop all around, the stunning aqua coloured water of the lake, and the perfect combo of skating rink and hot pools at Alpine Springs and Spa. Local teams play ice hockey on the rink and it’s a favourite for recreational skating with travelers too. This great facility also offers snow tubing, for anyone who wants winter fun with absolutely no prior experience required.


There are plenty of other activities to be enjoyed on a crisp winter’s day too – a few rounds of golf on some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, doing the winery tours, which are to be enjoyed year round and of course enjoying the many cafes, bars and eating establishments around the country. If you are planning a trip to NZ in winter, the Tourism New Zealand website is a great place to start.


Hiring 6 berth campervans is a brilliant idea for a group or family – providing cheaper, self catering accommodation, wrapped up in easy to drive transport to take you right around New Zealand. Each van has full cooking facilities, fridge, shower and toilet, plus added extras like a DVD player for times when you would rather stay indoors.

Save more money by shopping at local supermarkets and preparing most of your meals – but stopping at some of the great cafes along the way is always a highlight too. New Zealand has a reputation for great quality coffee, and if you are looking for something familiar, the major centres even have Starbucks! New Zealand also Visit for some of the best value campervan rentals in New Zealand.

Extended Stay Rentals

Extended Stay Rentals
Extended stay rentals availability is going on increasing day by day. Its popularity has increased with rising number of tourist locations. This in turns allows family to plan out a long and extended stay for leisure. 555 rentprovides you lots of information on that. Extended stay rentals becomes a money saving option if compared to living in a hotel for a long time. The more duration you stay the more money you save and the lesser rent you pay. The deals indicates that the bigger package you opt for the greater the savings.

A project head going to a city to handle a project for 2 months would prefer to go in for an extended stay rental accommodation rather than staying the whole two months in a regular hotel. Firstly it would save a lot of money as the rent payable would be much lesser than the charges he would have to pay up in a regular hotel accommodation. Secondly for much lesser price he would be able to enjoy more amenities and space as with the extended stay rentals. Such a professional can make use of 555 rentto pre plan his visit and staying options. Getting an extended stay rental for such a professional can be a great advantage. Certain added facilities like having fully furnished rooms with a fully equipped kitchen can make things much better. With such facilities the professional can have a home like atmosphere to live in and even can call him his family for few days to live together and still provide them with all basic amenities. Additional facilities like laundry facilities, housekeeping, television, internet etc can make a whole lot of a difference in the staying days.

555 rentcan help you to search out information on such extended stay rentals within your city or even outside your city. Many people going in for a renovation of house or for any other reason would try to go in for an extended stay rental their own house is ready to get back to. Such people can go in for extended stay rentals with basic amenities as after a few days they would be moving back to their own homes with all the facility they want. At 555 rentyou could look into our criterias and options to choose to your specific needs.

Extended stay rentals is one of the best options available for those wanting to spend a little longer than usual time for any specific needs either in ones own city or even at a distant place. So make it point to visit 555 rentfrom any place to make your staying and travel experience a great one. It also saves you a lot in terms of money and time by providing you a one stop solution to all your rental needs.

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Choosing An Mot Bay

Choosing An Mot Bay
When you are looking at purchasing fully approved MOT Bays there are several points which you need to consider. You can select either a Class 4 or a Class 7 standard bays or Class 4 and Class 7 ATL packages.

Class 4 MOT Bays

The Class 4 MOT Bay comes with a 4 Post MOT class 4 lift which has a 3.5 tonne capacity. There are radius plates and a manually operated jacking beam which can handle 2 tonnes. A brake tester is included which comes with a 3 year warranty. In addition to this the class 4 also comes with a combi smoke and gas analyser with a 5 year warranty which is pc based and fully VOSA approved. The bay has a three phase motor of 2.2 KW and is able to lift in 50 seconds. The total weight is 870 KG and it is a great addition to any garage.

Class 7 MOT Bays

If you require slightly more from the MOT Bay then the class 7 is able to cope with 4 tonnes and has four post class lift with a 3 phrase front recess.The jacking beam is also manually operated and has a 3 tonne capacity. The class 7 brake tester also comes with a 3 year warranty and has a hot dipped galvanised chassis and gritted surfaces. Like the class 4 you are also given a 5 year warranty on the combi smoke and gas analyser. The weight of the Class 7 MOT Bay is 1310 kg.

Standard Components on all MOT Bays

All of the MOT Bays are supplied with everything you will need to get it up and running in your garage.The one you will need will depend on the weight capacity which you need to deliver the services to your customers.The Bays are the ideal way to get your garage ready to deliver MOTs to your customers in one installation. You will be supplied with all the tools and components needed and each part will be fully explained to you so you are able to get working straight away.

There are other components which come as standard in the bays, this includes a V-Tech OMA headlamp aligner which can be upgraded to a laser version which uses the latest technology. You will be supplied with a complete ATL MOT Ancillary Pack. This comes with wall charts and convex mirrors, all the tools and a brake decelerometers.

All of the packages are supplied with full delivery and installation. During the installation process you will be trained in how to use your new MOT bay confidently. You can be sure that the engineers are UKAS accredited and that the work and equipment is completely up to standards which will satisfy the demands of the VOSA.

MOT Bays are the perfect way of preparing your garage to deliver a high quality MOT service to your customers. They are neat, guaranteed and have all the necessary components in one package. For MOT bays look no further.

Kenya Holidays

Kenya Holidays

Holidays in Kenya are considers to be a perfect vacation with its breathtaking scenic beauty and overwhelming wild life. The Indian Ocean shapes a beautiful beaches for Kenya which lying along the eastern coast of Africa. All names whose Africa’s second largest peak Mount Kenya such as Kikuyu, Embu, and Kamba words “Kirinyaga”, “Kirinyaa” and “Kiinyaa” created the name country of Kenya. All three words can be translated into” resting place of God” in English.


Kenya Tourism

Tourism is the second major source of foreign exchange revenue after agriculture. Kenya holidays offer visitors with a variety of options from natural to man made attractions. Some of the key tourist points in the country are mosques at Mombasa, the Great Rift Valley, the Thika coffee plantations, view of Mount Kilimanjaro and the beaches along the Indian Ocean. However, apart from all these magnificent locations majority of the tourists are lured towards the wild life adventures that Kenya is renowned for.


Wildlife In Kenya

The name Kenya has often been synonymous with wild life. The country is also said to be the home to the big five – elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino. But this is not all that Kenya holidays have to offer. A run through the list of animals presents a much wider picture. Not only mammals but also birds and reptiles! The national parks are home to animals like the hippopotamus, elephants, spotted hyenas, impalas, leopards, lions, giraffes, vervets, warthogs, rhinoceros, yellow winged fruit bats and the list will go on and on. In Kenya one can spot a myriad variety of birds like the baglafecht weaver, barn swallow, black-chested snake eagle, black-headed heron, black crane, blue-cheek bee-eater, common ostrich, and much, much more. The reptile population is no less which includes the crocodile, chameleon, skink, tortoise to name a few.


The fact that Kenya has 48 national parks, including marine parks, is proof in itself about the great wild life reserves the country takes pride in. It would not be an easy task to list down all of the national parks, their reserves, and the attractions each one has to offer, so wide a variety exists. To get a tiny glimpse of the larger picture some of the well known national parks are:


Amboseli National Park – this low rainfall area offers one of the world’s best wild life viewing experiences.


Lake Nakuru National Park – this park is best known for the millions of flamingos that nest along the Lake Nakuru shores.


Mount Kenya National Park – the national park along with forest reserve was declared a World Heritage Site since 1997.


Nairobi National Park – established in 1946 it became the first national park of the country and is one of the country’s most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries.

Kenya Cheetah Safari

When out on a safari every tourist would be eager to spot one of those rarely sighted animals. One such animal is the cheetah. Being the fastest land animal the cheetah has been admired by all – children and grown ups. To satisfy the curiosity of all, special cheetah safaris have been designed. Cheetahs can be seen in the Samburu National Reserves as well as the Masai Mara National Park. As statistics reveal, not many cheetahs are left in Kenya and the numbers are decreasing fast. Efforts have been started to conserve this super agile animal but its status is still that of a vulnerable creature. offers great vacations like Zanzibar holidays and Kenya safari holidays. The safari allows an opportunity to view lions, rhinos, leopards, buffaloes and many other wild beasts.

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What Mot Gear Must Complete The Test

Exactly What Mot Gear Must Finish The Test
In the UK every car over 3 years of age should have an annual assessment. This inspection discusses many different point so that the automobile to ensure its safe and roadworthy. Firstly we’re going to cover understanding viewed during a MoT and secondly exactly what MoT equipment is needed to carry the try out.

Some of the points which can be consider have become hassle free such as for instance examining the VIN number is clearly readable, that the registration dish is simple to read through as well as in the right format hence all mirrors are present plus in great doing work purchase. However of this other parts need professional equipment to try all of them correctly.

Some of the more technical components being examined include the entire fatigue system, Co2 emissions, brake system, complete gas system, steering and suspension including lights. Some of the inspections carried out are only an artistic check to make certain all occurs and dealing properly but in the way it is of location like Co2 emissions an unique machine must determine the Co2 emissions of automobile.

To test the Co2 levels you’ll need an Emissions Analyser, the test will advise anyone carrying out the test exactly what the hydrocarbon emissions are. If they’re over the allowed limit the car will fail. There are three main kinds of analyser, a petrol one, a diesel one and combined petrol and gasoline one.

To evaluate the brakes and MoT test station have to have understanding at some point named a moving road. With this little bit of machinery there are 2 primary designs, people that may test course 4 brakes and something that tests course 7 brake system.

To allow the tester to obtain in vehicle with an easy task to check out the fatigue along with other these types of parts quicker a car raise is necessary. According to the kind of vehicle being tested the raise needed will be different, there are certain options like the four post lifts which can accommodate course 4 cars which could hold up to 4 tonnes and has a system area of 4560mm and two class 7 ones supports to 4 tonnes and contains a platform section of 5200mm in addition to other as much as 5 tonnes with a platform area of 5700mm.

Another bit of gadgetry required is a headlamp aim tester; this can help the section measure the proper direction regarding the headlamps also during bright sunlight. Some stations need a totally automated testing lane for class 4 and 7 vehicles.

A few of these as well as the expert attention of this inspector can figure out the automobile roadworthiness, if car fails on any part of the test a MoT certification will never be released until the dilemmas tend to be remedied. Sometimes the section may issue you with a MoT certificate but give you a list of warnings or advisory records. They are points they usually have found on that will need sorting on prior to the after that test as well as sooner.

Searching for comprehensive all about MoT gear ? Have the low-down now within help guide to everything you need to understand MoT gear .

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Residence Movies

Home Movies

Residence motion picture (with professional narration) of Bonnie and Clyde death scene (1934).

The development of home movie-making features depended critically on accessibility to gear and news platforms (movie, videotape, etc.) at prices affordable to consumers.

Growth of movie platforms suited to amateur hobbyists began early in the history of cinematography. For example, the 17.5 mm “Birtac” format had been patented by Birt Acres in 1898. This structure split the standard 35 mm film into two pieces half as broad and could be loaded to the digital camera in daylight. Because the structures had been also half the height of 35 mm frames, the Birtac structure utilized only 25per cent of this amount of film stock employed by 35 mm. Considering that the camera doubled as a printer and projector, gear prices had been in addition paid down.

Security movie as well as the 16 mm film format

Another breakthrough to make movie useful for house people had been the introduction of safety film within the 1920s. Earlier “nitrate movie” needed unique managing and storage space, despite it was subjected and created, since it is exceptionally combustible and has now even been proven to spontaneously catch fire because it gets older.

Numerous competing movie formats had been introduced during the early decades until 16 mm security film ended up being introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1923 and became a regular into the non-professional market. Although 16 mm had the benefit of users not-being linked with one gear maker and there were apparent price benefits versus standard 35 mm, it was never in a position to eliminate smaller platforms therefore in the course of time was relegated to expert people, especially in the training market.

8 mm film structure and shade

Bell & Howell Zoomatic camera employed by Abraham Zapruder that recorded the murder of john F. Kennedy.

In 1932, Kodak introduced another new format, 8 mm (now-known as “Regular 8” or “Straight 8”), by slitting 16 mm movie in half, once more reducing by 75percent the amount of movie stock utilized per framework. It was the point where house films finally arrived within reach associated with average family, and smaller format permitted for a great deal smaller and more transportable digital cameras and projectors.

The introduction of Kodachrome shade reversal movie for 16 mm in 1935, as well as 8 mm in 1936, facilitated home shade cinematography. The option of reversal movie (Kodachrome was not initial) was important on house movie-making market, because it avoided the cost of individual negatives and good images.

Super 8 and Single-8 film platforms

Although advancements in fine-grained movie made Regular 8 mm film practical, it had been mainly superseded after Kodak’s 1965 introduction of Super 8 movie. The Super 8 structure utilized the exact same movie width as Regular 8, although perforations were smaller, permitting a larger framework dimensions yielding structures with less whole grain. Besides, Super 8 film arrived in cartridges for easier running in to the camera. A competing structure from Fujifilm (Single-8) was also introduced in 1965 and used comparable film, however in a new form of cartridge.

Home video-making

The development of the Beta VCR in 1975 and VHS in 1976 heralded a change within the generating of house movies. Videocassettes were extremely cheap versus film and so they could even be erased. It took a couple of years before residence video cameras and transportable VCRs had been introduced, and soon after combined to generate camcorders, but by the period, many customers currently had the playback equipment in their houses.

Omnipresence and controversy

Nevertheless pictures from home movie regarding the beating of Rodney King by authorities.

Portability and small size of digital home movie gear, eg camera phones and PDAs with movie capabilities, features generated the banning of such products from various places, as a result of privacy and protection issues.

Pornographic flicks of famous people happen rumoured to occur for many years, nevertheless the ease of producing residence movies on movie has led to a number of celebrity sex tapes getting available to people, often without having the permission of individuals. The honeymoon video clip of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee from 1998 was the very first very publicized instance.

Portability of electronic gear assists fuel various other controversies besides, such as the incident on November 17, 2006 by which comedian Michael Richards got into a racist war of terms with a gathering member during his comedy club act. Big components of the incident were captured on camera phone of another audience member and broadcast extensively.

Residence flicks have played important roles in controversial police investigations, a prime instance being the Zapruder film associated with the 1963 assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy shot utilizing an 8 mm home film camera on Kodachrome II 8 mm protection movie. This film ended up being posted and broadcast thoroughly and became official proof the Warren Commission, that has been established to analyze the assassination. November 22nd. 1963.

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Separate soda  Homebrewing


Indie design  Do-it-yourself culture

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Wanting To Just Take A Windy City Getaway? Find Out About These Guidelines On How Best To Land Land Chicago Holiday De

Attempting To Take A Windy City Getaway? Understand These Guidelines On How To Land Land Chicago Holiday De
Wonderful Attractions

Chicago is one of the worlds well-known spots. The Windy City is known for its amazing tourist attractions. The greater you see of Chicago the greater you’ll want to see from it. Chicago holidays are interesting trips to both plan and take. After you have selected your destination, you can easily give attention to hotels. There are different types of resort hotels in this certain city. It is possible locate hotels that match your financial allowance. An extravagance example here is the Courtyard by Marriott Chicago. This place is regarding north side of the town. It really is bought at 30 East Ohio Street. This Marriott supplying has 337 rooms available. After acquiring the lodging of your choice, it is possible to focus on regional tourist attractions. This city provides one thing interesting for the entire family members.

Experiencing Chicago

Chicago vacations may be probably the most exciting trips to plan. This location is Americas third biggest town. Chicago serves to provide tourists with destinations and tasks to savor. One of the first things you will notice this is actually the landscape. Chicago is oftentimes known as the town of Skyscrapers. There are high structures here to journey and explore. Two associated with the preferred choices listed here are John Hancock Center together with Sears Tower. Kids tend to be interested in areas like Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium. Both these areas, often provide families hours of good enjoyable. Sampling a destinations cuisine is ways to really encounter it. The food let me reveal the items that defines Chicago. There are certain good restaurants to explore. One of these may be the Italian Village, which acts authentic fare. This is outstanding restaurant for those of you wanting Italian fare. You will also love the bathroom bought at Park Grill.

Exciting Restaurants

Planning Chicago vacations is lots of fun. One of the very first decisions is to choose the best lodgings. There are affordable offerings here, as well as, those who are luxurious. One of many inexpensive hotels is the Ohio House Motel. This supplying is available at 600 North La Salle Street. One of many luxurious accommodations may be the resort Allegro, which can be situated at 171 West Randolph Street. Once youve chosen your hotel, it is possible to concentrate on the citys other choices. There are numerous delectable restaurants here available. Each and every style is accommodated right here. A superb restaurant selection is Park Grill at 11 North Michigan. Another popular location is Italian Village. This area serves genuine fare to patrons. Lou Mitchells is a wonderful location providing that tourist enjoy checking out. This location focuses primarily on morning meal meals. It is understood round the city for the tasty pancakes.

City of Skyscrapers

Chicago, Illinois is commonly called the City of Skyscrapers. There are numerous high structures within this cosmopolitan location. Two quite popular of those would be the John Hancock Center in addition to Sears Tower. When youve opted for this area for vacation, you will have to get a hold of your accommodations. Chicago getaways are thrilling trips to plan and also to simply take. There are lots of affordable lodgings when you look at the town, and, those that are luxurious. Each and every budget and style is accommodated here. One of several budget friendly choices in city could be the Ohio House Motel. This accommodation is a throwback area, which shows styles regarding the 50’s. The Ohio home Motel is a throwback location, which displays decor associated with the 50’s. The fantastic luxury offerings could be the resort Allegro. This fantastic hotel is available at 171 West Randolph. It is a great art deco style area.

Taking an intimate Chicago vacation? There are numerous routes to Chicago discounts available now! Unbelievable charges for Chicago holidays are just a click away.

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