Choosing An Mot Bay

Choosing An Mot Bay
When you are looking at purchasing fully approved MOT Bays there are several points which you need to consider. You can select either a Class 4 or a Class 7 standard bays or Class 4 and Class 7 ATL packages.

Class 4 MOT Bays

The Class 4 MOT Bay comes with a 4 Post MOT class 4 lift which has a 3.5 tonne capacity. There are radius plates and a manually operated jacking beam which can handle 2 tonnes. A brake tester is included which comes with a 3 year warranty. In addition to this the class 4 also comes with a combi smoke and gas analyser with a 5 year warranty which is pc based and fully VOSA approved. The bay has a three phase motor of 2.2 KW and is able to lift in 50 seconds. The total weight is 870 KG and it is a great addition to any garage.

Class 7 MOT Bays

If you require slightly more from the MOT Bay then the class 7 is able to cope with 4 tonnes and has four post class lift with a 3 phrase front recess.The jacking beam is also manually operated and has a 3 tonne capacity. The class 7 brake tester also comes with a 3 year warranty and has a hot dipped galvanised chassis and gritted surfaces. Like the class 4 you are also given a 5 year warranty on the combi smoke and gas analyser. The weight of the Class 7 MOT Bay is 1310 kg.

Standard Components on all MOT Bays

All of the MOT Bays are supplied with everything you will need to get it up and running in your garage.The one you will need will depend on the weight capacity which you need to deliver the services to your customers.The Bays are the ideal way to get your garage ready to deliver MOTs to your customers in one installation. You will be supplied with all the tools and components needed and each part will be fully explained to you so you are able to get working straight away.

There are other components which come as standard in the bays, this includes a V-Tech OMA headlamp aligner which can be upgraded to a laser version which uses the latest technology. You will be supplied with a complete ATL MOT Ancillary Pack. This comes with wall charts and convex mirrors, all the tools and a brake decelerometers.

All of the packages are supplied with full delivery and installation. During the installation process you will be trained in how to use your new MOT bay confidently. You can be sure that the engineers are UKAS accredited and that the work and equipment is completely up to standards which will satisfy the demands of the VOSA.

MOT Bays are the perfect way of preparing your garage to deliver a high quality MOT service to your customers. They are neat, guaranteed and have all the necessary components in one package. For MOT bays look no further.